Hi everyone! This is my submission for the two buttons game jam that i have created in two days.


1º Select 2 keys of your keyboard to start.

2º Press them non stop alternaly to energize The Head and let It take off to the infinity.

3º Share your score on twitter with the hashtag #SpaceHead

Hope you all enjoy it.

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AuthorJesús ~ JPezGames
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, fire, head, launch, pascua, rocket, Space, stars


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Haha, not my favorite gameplay buuut the game is funny and I loooove games which allow for keys customization (even though I shouldn't have to do it for each try, maybe).

Congrats, thx for contributing!


i got 74. I rlly like how this turned out! clean design good work there! 

im just not feeling the gp, but this is a question of preferences


My score is now on Twitter !

Really like the concept

Thank you very much for playing!

Mi récord está en: 78 unidades de puntos.